“Dental Computer Professionals is always there for us. Walter identifies problems before we are even aware there is a problem. Any idea I have presented to him, he researched, found solutions for and implemented.  I do not have a strong computer background or knowledge; therefore, I need him for my practice to function daily.  My patients depend on it, and I need it to protect their information and to treat them with cutting edge technology that relies on Walter.  I am confident that in this ever-changing technology world, Dental Computer Professionals will take care of me with expertise, responsiveness and competence every day. My only issue is that I didn’t find him earlier!”

Chris Pottorff, DMD
Advanced Dental & Implant Care

“Dental Computer Professionals, has been our IT Specialist since 2008; don’t know what we would do without them.  They are prompt to handle and repair any issues that arise.   Also, they were instrumental in designing and installing our network when we built our new office.  Everything works like clockwork!”

Joann Steffens, Practice Manager
Cottage Hill Dental Care

“Walter at Dental Computer Professionals is a very knowledgeable and smart network master.  We expanded our office from 5 computers to a network of 20 computers.   He fixed the mistakes that were done with past computer support companies I worked with.  Our system is faster and more reliable than ever.  I did not over spend on any hardware.  Walter was fast and efficient with repairs/updates.  With the few bumps on the road we experienced, Walter came and got us running fast.  I have been using him for a few years and have no regrets.  Our information is critical and well managed as we are within the dental industry.  I would recommend him over anyone I have interviewed in the area.  I personally spent time interviewing 6 different companies before choosing Dental Computer Professionals.  5 Stars is all I can say!”

Niraj J. Patel, DDS – Cary, IL